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Sherizze Sean Acot is living an enviable life.

A multiple beauty title belt holder, Sherizze – a Bacolodnon — is currently based in the United Arab Emirates juggling career and social life.  And then, Prodigy Bureau Global, an event-management company, held the Global Women Empowerment Summit, a first-of-its-kind gathering of empowered women from all over the globe.

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In celebration of women everywhere, the held two events: The Pink Runway, where creations of international designers were modelled by cancer patients and survivors, and Shades of Passion: The Art Show.

Sherizze, a blooming artist, was invited to the latter by no less than the Chief Executive Officer or the Prodigy Bureau, Love Charmaine Uychoco.

“[Ms. Uychoco] saw my posts and stories about some of my works. I knew her because Prodigy Bureau supported Mutya Pilipinas-UAE before in which I am one of the participants,” she tells DNX.


“It’s a very surreal experience for me,” she says when asked about what she felt when she was hand-picked for the exhibit.

Everybody knew her to be a model and beauty queen, but the artist side was somewhat relatively unknown.

In fact, very few people knew Sherrize as an artist at all, although the craft was something she had cultivated since she was in elementary, albeit informally. 

She remembered during elementary years, when she was the go-to person whenever somebody creative was needed for, say, an art assignment. 

The opportunity to practice got rarer and rarer during high school and college but, she reveals, she always has a few pieces of bond papers handy in case the itch to draw arises.

Her dream then? To have an exhibit of her own in Gallery Orange.


Things started to change when she moved to Dubai, though. Sherizze shares that her art seemed to have been freed in a strange place, and before she knew it, she was purchasing canvas for her art.

“I started to paint again just for the sake of my hobby,” she says. Pretty soon, her art was gaining an audience.


The Shades of Passion exhibit was all about women empowerment, thus her art was centered around it. She has four art work exhibited: Iron Lady of Asia (featuring the likeness of former Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago), Marilyn Monroe, Wonder Woman, and The Last Mambabatok (Apo Whang-od).

Her paintings had made waves and among those highlighted and discussed in front of Sheikha Jawaher bint Khalifa Al Khalifa. 

“I want to get out of my shell and let them see that there is something more to me that what meets the eye,” she says, adding, “I want them to see that this woman is not your ordinary woman.”


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