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DNX MOVIE | The Suicide Squad: Ultra-violent, ultra-campy, ultra-fun

Those who have an intense dislike for rats would find one scene an absolute terror to watch in The Suicide Squad.   

DNX CULTURE | Island brew: The tale of two coffees

One time, I (in)famously drank 16 cups of coffee and had to be rushed to the Emergency Room because of severe palpitations and a pulse rate that is dropping dangerously low. 

DNX Culture | Love, life, and corona

He is 26, a fresh architect, with looks that could rival a movie star’s.  She, on the other hand, is fresh out of college, a face model for a derma clinic.

Camella Manors : Moving Dreams Closer to Home

Camella Manors’ communicities (community in a city) are manifestations of such a trend, where its mid-rise (seven to 15 storey) condo villages are seamlessly integrated to business, commercial, and leisure hubs. Thus, greener pastures are now closer to home through the future forward community that gives you not just a home, but also an easy access lifestyle.

Aldrtz rewards Hidilyn with one-year supply of Pau liniment

The Golden Girl of Philippine Sports has bagged yet another set of rewards following her victory in the 2021 Summer Olympics as Aldritz Corporation offered her a year's supply of Pau de Arco Liniment.

DNX Taliambong | AOG : Live, love, dance

Think of dainty ballerinas in bright tutus and sturdy ballet shoes interpreting steps from The Nutcracker with clock-like precision.  Or of curb-side dancers in loose baggy clothing and reverse baseball caps spinning on their heads, or arms kept tightly on the sides, legs flailing.  Or think Velma Kelly dancing up a storm along with the merry murdereresses in Chicago swearing that they did no wrong and the men probably had it coming, they had it coming, they had it coming all along.

DNX Movies | From F9 to Black Widow : Treading the familiar

From spinoffs to sequels, the entertainment scene has been banking on retreads, familiar faces, and niche markets.  Who needs an original story, and introduce interesting characters when formula has proven to be bankable?

DNX CULTURE | EID AL ADHA : The feast of sacrifice

Eid al-Adha, or the ‘festival of sacrifice’, is a religious ritual for Muslims marking the end of the pilgrimage to Mecca (hajj).

DNX Food | Arima at Park Inn: Where gourmet meets comfort

When talking of food, there is what you call as “gourmet” and “comfort” food. The former speaks of either a deconstructed dish with at least three layers of flavor, a complex cooking process, an aesthetically pleasing presentation, and perhaps some liquid nitrogen thrown on. The latter connotes food cooked at home, usually on a gas or brick kiln, with ingredients picked from the garden or bought from the nearby market.

DNX Film | Nobody: Better than John Wick, and wickedly fun too

Liam Neeson has kickstarted the trope when he starred in the well-loved Taken, chasing down and bringing down man half his age as wronged father with a lethal past.

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