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Think of burlesque, of the Belle Epoque era in gay Paree with Henri Toulouse-Latrec and his genius immortalized in Moulin Rouge cabaret (and the film that it inspired). Now, think of ‘20’s cabaret, of slinky jazz pieces work by sultry jazz singers draped over piano forte tops, oozing sex-y and sultriness and quite an air of untouchability.

bea cruz fashion

Finally, think of the simple elegance of Old Hollywood, where screen goddesses like Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Ava Gardner, Jane Russell, and Rita Hayworth scorched up the marquee and silver screens, redefining glam and sexy by showing just a hint of skin, with the curves in all the right places.

Bea Cruz’s pieces evoke that.

The young designer – 23 but looking fresh out of Junior High – has recently been named Top Designer for the San Diego Fashion Week.

“It was overwhelming,” the young designer tells DNX, her voice betraying an almost girlish charm as she speaks of the time when she learned that she took the top prize for the San Diego Fashion Week 2020, no mean feat as she bested others with longer experience.

Bea is a graduate of the fashion design program of the College of St Benilde – De La Salle. The cynical mind might say that she spent good money to be where she is now, but anybody who is a somebody in the industry would instinctively know that training can only get you so far. Training is wasted unless you have the talent to begin with.

And talent Bea has in spades.

Her pieces speaks of her personality – they are part vamp, part elegance. Part cabaret, part Old School Hollywood.

In fact, when asked which celebrity she would wish to dress from the so-called Golden Age of Hollywood, she readily answers: Grace Kelly. The Princess. A tad untouchable. Perfect combination of sexy and glam.

Like Bea’s bespoke pieces.

“It’s couture,” she says.

Couture, she explains, is 80 percent hand-made, and 20 percent machine made.

The quality of the pieces is of course unmistakably high (the San Diego win is proof of it). The young designer has now also made herself felt in celebrity circles, dressing up beauty queens like Vickie Rushton, and hot young actor Nadine Lustre.

The San Diego event was just a start.

Bea reveals that come October, she will be joining Fashion Week San Diego for this year.

“They have a Spring Showcase this coming April 22 which will be a sneak peek of the upcoming collections of the designers, including mine!” she says.

Bea admits that the pandemic has slowed down but for some reason, she has not.

With so much ahead of her, there is no reason to. And Bacolod would soon be ready for her pieces: part vamp, part elegance, all Bea.


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