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Kathryn Burgos
Kathryn Burgos is a certified ARMY, a KPop fan, specifically BTS.

What is like to be a BTS fan?

At first, I was not a fan of BTS and KPop in general.

I did not understand the whole concept of it.

Back in 2009, my college friends were going crazy about acts like Big Bang and Super Junior. It was the height of KPop here in the Philippines during those times.

I’m more like the old-school type; my preference lay in 90s music, rock, and hip-hop.

The author showing off her love for her favorite artist.  | Photo from Kathryn Burgos Facebook Page
The author showing off her love for her favorite artist. | Photo from Kathryn Burgos Facebook Page

The summer of 2018 that changed my life. I was on vacation with my sister and a friend when I saw Jungkook’s photo on the wall. I did not understand it, but somehow I felt some connection towards him. I asked my friend who happened to be an ARMY,  “What’s his name and his band?”

“BTS,” she replied.

I heard of BTS before because my cousin is a die-hard KPop fan.

So, I asked my friend what their latest song is and she Bluetoothed me Mic Drop on my flip phone.

I listened to it and I was like “Is this Kpop?”

For me, their sound is unique because it has a hip-hop flavor to it, which I love. That sets them apart from other groups.

When I saw the official MV on MYX, it blew my mind. My eyes gravitated towards J-Hope and they killed the choreography.

So I told myself that I’m going to stan this group.

I found BTS during the lowest point in my life and their music helped me a lot. The way they write songs is like a friend telling you everything is going to be alright; it’s comforting. Aside from their lyrics, I love how they perform on stage.

It’s so different from the Western artists.

The whole production itself is mind-blowing. I highly recommend their Melon Music Awards 2017-2020 performances.

As part of the ARMY fandom (Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth), there are a lot of misconceptions. Like, we’re called the most toxic fandom in the KPop world. I used to post a lot of memes on different BTS Facebook groups. I was blocked a few times because they find my meme post offensive.

Yes, I experienced this kind of toxicity towards my fellow ARMYs. There are toxic fans but not all of them. I love how protective our fandom towards BTS. We help each other by creating charity events like tree planting, feeding programs, just to name a few. We also working together by streaming BTS MV to reach a million views and streaming their songs to reach #1 on the music charts.

I met new friends because of BTS. I found a new family because of them.


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