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When the pandemic hit, the hardest ones to take the blow was – still is – the members of the entertainment industry.

It was, of course, inevitable.

With an industry that is considered as a non-essential, small wonder that artists and entertainer found themselves among those suddenly going hungry.

The Scopes, an alt-rock band, feels that.

Guitarist and vocalist Elmer Dado admits as much to DNX as he describes the production behind Ahon, a song of hope, of keeping the faith, of holding on despite everything.

“I have so many friends and colleagues that are suffering up to this moment and this is the only way to help them that I can think of,” he says.

The lyrics are plain enough:

“Ahon kaibigan ko, ang pagsubok ang bahagi na nag buhay
Bangon kababayan ko, may magandang bukas pang naghihintay.”

It is, more than just fight song, a motivation ditty on rising up against adversity, with a hopefulness of one that refuses to bow down despite the being beaten bloody.

Backing up Elmer are The Scopes other members: Henry Yuma, for guitar and vocals, Paul Matiling, lead Guitar and vocals, and Pio Seva, Lead Guitar and Vocals.

Elmer is the man behind the song.

“I wrote it because I belong to the entertainment industry that is greatly affected by this pandemic… this is the only way to help them that I can think of,” he says.

The lyrics of the song is also explicitly faithful, as shown with these lines:

“Huwag kang matakot, lahat may hanggan din Basta’t sa Maykapal ika’y manalangin.”

Elmer, however, clarifies that he cannot say categorically that he came from a religious family.

“But I have always been God-fearing and I regularly attend mass,” he admits.

That strong faith in something bigger than us has spilled over to the song.

As of the moment, The Scopes, when not motivating fellow artists, is waiting for the release of their EP within the year featuring the songs: “Ahon”, “Kahit Saan, Kahit Kailan, Walang Iwanan”, ” Hindi Pwede Yan” and ” We Are Brothers “.

Ahon, however, has a resonance because it beautifully caps the year with something hopeful.


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