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Art for the sake of it.  No message, no meaning, no pretensions.


Not art to liberate slaves, deliver an environmental message, or even as expression of self-contained fury.

For 17-year-old Jadon Kilayko, a Liceo de la Salle student, art is more of an expression of feelings.

Batok I

He candidly admits to DNX Lifestyle that his art is more an expression of what he sees, which is anything from pop culture to everyday life.

Jadon currently has an exhibit at the Grey Room of the DOSE Coffee and Art in the Art District. 

Holy Inasal

His collection is rather eclectic, from depiction of luchadors inspired by Nacho Libre, to obese Walter White, to the every day drinking uncle with skewered isaw in one hand, and ice-cold beer in another.

“Growing up, I have always loved drawing,” he tells DNX Lifestyle when asked when he started painting and why.  Among his influences, or at least those who gave him a leg up, artistically are Charlie Co, Manny Cervantes, Manny Montelibano.

No head

Jadon admits that he is just starting to find his artistic voice.  This shows in the endearing rawness of his works, though there is now an attempt from the budding artist to at least show a little restraint in the use of colors (not minimalist in the strict sense, but there is a consistent color scheme in his works that provide a common theme aesthetically).

The rawness is there too, but so is the potential. 

And for Jadon, at 17, there is no telling the heights that he can reach.


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