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It’s now officially open!

The Kuris International Theater Festival and Workshop officially opens today, 17 February and will run until 20 February.

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The series of workshops is organized by The Performance Laboratory, Inc. (PerfLab) in partnership with the Women Playwrights’ International – Philippines, Teatrokon: West Visayas Theater Network, International Theatre Institute – International Playwright’s Forum, and the University of St. La Salle 2021.

Kuris is celebrated in time for National Arts Month, an annual event celebrated every February according Presidential Proclamation No. 683 series of 1991.


“Kuris Theater International Festival and Workshops has become a creative and empowering nest in encouraging theater awareness, collaboration and strengthening network through workshops, symposia/conferences, performances and play festivals. Throughout the years, Kuris has gathered and nurtured a strong network of playwrights and theater organizers who produced an array of new works,” press release furnished to DNX Lifestyle said.

“Theatre is integral to personal and collective healing as it is a powerful tool in preserving human connection, raising social and cultural awareness, encouraging art appreciation and providing creative release,” Tanya Lopez, Festival director and one of the founding members of the festival, said.

Lopez said that this year’s theme “Theater Above Borders” or TAB represents a space for continuous growth, development and collaboration amongst its audiences and participants.

Meanwhie, Perflab marketing and administrative staff Noel Pahayupan told DNX that the four-day event will be filled with workshops.

Of course, because of the pandemic, health protocols have to be put in place.

This does not mean, however, that theater lovers – both the audience and the people that make theater come alive – would be hemmed in by the limitations.

There are no limits to theater, just as there are no limits to the people’s imagination.

“Theater is encompasses all art forms,” Pahayupan reiterated.

Thus, what to do if the very platform of theater and its cousins are in danger prove undoable and impractical?

Why, change platforms of course.

Which is why Perflab, through KURIS, will use the online platforms as one of the mean of conducting events in the festival.  That, paired with intimate live performances, will ensure that audiences will not be deprived with the art form that is theater and at the same time have their security and safety ensured.

A press release from The Perflab said the 8th Kuris Theater Festival will feature performances of university-based and community–based theater groups, Online Lectures and Staged Readings featuring works of renowned international playwrights in partnership with the International Playwrights Forum of the International Theatre Institute, A Readathon and Workshop for Emerging Women Playwrights in collaboration with the Women Playwrights International, Theatre Workshops, and Online Streaming.


Kuris started way back in 2009 during the conception of the International Playwright’s Forum (IPF) Dramaturgy Workshops in the Philippines out of the small group meeting of Jasen Boko (IPF President) and August Andong (Project Director) with Tanya Lopez (Secretary of the Committee on Dramatic Arts of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts), and the young theater practitioners in Bacolod City. The exchange during the meeting led to the discussion on “What is Dramaturgy?” and “What is a Dramaturge?”

Knowing that community and university-based theaters in the Philippines are thriving, Mr. Boko then raised the possibility of having the IPF in the Philippines to conduct a Dramaturgy Workshops to further boost the Philippines’ Theater Arts movement and to advance the creative expressions of Filipino theater artists.

Keeping its commitment to develop potential dramaturges in the Philippines, to establish a stronger worldwide network between the Filipino and international playwrights and to facilitate exchange and stage readings of plays, the IPF conducted the 2012 Philippine Dramaturgy Workshop and Discussion Series and the 2013 Dramaturgy Colloquium-Workshop Caravan.

The Dramaturgy Project is the pioneering project of the IPF in order to reach out various countries in the world and to educate and train them on the basics of dramaturgy, playwriting and theater arts.


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