Fans await steamy 365 Dni sequel


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It has been touted as “the closest thing to porn in Netflix” by the Decider.

When the Polish erotic drama hit the streaming site, the reception towards the flick was scorching in more ways than one.

Based on the novel of the same name by Blanka Lipinska, it tells the story of a Mafiosi Massimo (Italian stallion Michele Morrone) who abducted a beautiful woman named Laura Biel (the gorgeous Anna Maria Seiklucka) and gave her the titular 365 days to fall in love with him.

The fact that Lipinska says she based it on 50 Shades of Gray (which in turn is an eroticized Twilight) does not bode well for quality.  Critics lashed out at the film, helmed by Barbara Bialowas and Tomasz Mandes — for romanticizing abduction and rape.

But there is no such thing as bad publicity.  And the protracted boat scene between the two actors is probably the most replayed in recent history, spawning memes and having viewers reaching for tissues.

Now, talks of a sequel is underway, a fans of the film are eagerly awaiting  a sequel, especially when Morrone teased in his Facebook account a picture of him and actor Susinna Simone with the caption “I  am a liar”.

Fans see it later as a support for Pride Month (as Morrone posted it first of June), but it also fanned talks that there is finally a sequel.

“I am just here for the steamy scenes; of course there is not much of a story, but I watched it not for that but for the realistic sex scenes,” *Stephanie (not her real name) said.

Stephanie admitted that she watched it out of curiosity and was one of those wondering if indeed the stars were having sex in real life (see boat scene for reference). 

“Wala pulos ang story (the story is pointless,” 365 Dni viewer Joleen Magallanes tells DNX, as she made the inevitable comparison between 365 Dni and the similarly-themed film starring another BDSM-themed film.

Another 365 Dni viewer, Bianca Villaera is seemingly not bothered by the fact that Laura is basically abducted and held against her will, and was even molested and assaulted sexually, calling the female lead “pabebe” (playing hard to get), apparently becoming more sympathetic to the abductor.

This reinforces the point that 365 Dni is nothing more than a fantasy film for women who wish to be abducted and enjoy rough sex with a handsome stud (imagine if you will if Massimo is an short, ageing Mafiosi and 50 pounds overweight).

If the sequel is anywhere near faithful to the novels upon which it is based, then it would feature Laura being abducted by a rival gang member and developing feelings her abductor (again — baby girl is an idiot LOL). And *SPOILERS ALERT* it would feature her being rescued by Massimo (but on the brink of death).

Whatever it is, the controversial soft-core film has been gaining followers.  And soon, the screens will be steaming up with more sexy time between the two photogenic leads — and more.


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