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DNX MOVIE | The Suicide Squad: Ultra-violent, ultra-campy, ultra-fun

Those who have an intense dislike for rats would find one scene an absolute terror to watch in The Suicide Squad.   

DNX Movies | From F9 to Black Widow : Treading the familiar

From spinoffs to sequels, the entertainment scene has been banking on retreads, familiar faces, and niche markets.  Who needs an original story, and introduce interesting characters when formula has proven to be bankable?

Move to Heaven: Trauma Cleaning and South Korea’s Social Issues

The drama is based from the essay anthology by former trauma cleaner, Sae-byul Kim, titled Things Left Behind. By tackling a still under-explored facet of life in Korea, it urges within viewers a sense of compassion and it offers heart-warming sense of hope towards the end.

DNX Film | Nobody: Better than John Wick, and wickedly fun too

Liam Neeson has kickstarted the trope when he starred in the well-loved Taken, chasing down and bringing down man half his age as wronged father with a lethal past.

Age of Heroes: Revisiting Falcon and the Winter Soldier

With Loki now having his own series, the Black Widow’s much-delayed film debut finally having its theatrical release date, it is hard-pressed to find a person – fan or non-fan – who has not heard or is not familiar with any of the adaptations/spin-offs of the superhero franchise.

New Space Jam starring Lebron released on July 16

The 1996 animated sports flick released by Warner Bros. featured the biggest superstar to every live --- bar none – Michael Jordan. WB capitalized on the huge popularity of the superstar through a film that deftly combined live action with animation.

Fans await steamy 365 Dni sequel

When the Polish erotic drama hit the streaming site, the reception towards the flick was scorching in more ways than one.

Loki, Black Widow leads TV series, films for the rest of 2021 Marvel releases

Loki, Black Widow leads TV series, films for the rest of 2021 Marvel releases

Game of Thrones prequel: What fans should expect

Game of Throne, for those of you who have been living under the rock, the series was based off the book series of GRR Martin, A Song of Ice and Fire.

Tenet: Jumps, starts, and leaps through time

Just when you thought that Chris Nolan has run out of ideas, enters Tenet.

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