Int’l humanitarian worker launches book on survival


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Lourdes Ibarra embodies the term “survivor”. 

A multi-awarded international humanitarian, she has seen up close strife and poverty – and herself has dealt with her own personal struggles – and survived.  A death of a son, two kinds of cancer.

The multi-awarded humanitarian worker has struggled through two cancers and the death of a son. Her book details her survival. Photo from Being Unstoppable Facebook page.

But she managed to rise above them all.

All these are documented in her book, Being Unstoppable: A Journey to Success; A Life of Journey and Adventure.

The three-part book details her journey starting from life as a college instructor, to her humanitarian work in countries like Sudan, Kenya, and Afghanistan, up to experiencing the pain of losing her son.

Cover of Being Unstoppable, which is going to be launched on Thursday, 11 March 2021. Photo from official Facebook page.

On Thursday, 11 March 2021, Lourdes will have a ceremonial launch of her book in time for the celebration of Women’s Month at the Little Farmer’s Cafe near Homesite Shawarma.


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