Park Inn officially launched yesterday

Park Inn by Raddison Bacolod had its Grand opening yesterday, November 23 featuring their art gallery—the first among their branches across the country.

DNX CULTURE | Island brew: The tale of two coffees

One time, I (in)famously drank 16 cups of coffee and had to be rushed to the Emergency Room because of severe palpitations and a pulse rate that is dropping dangerously low. 

Camella Manors : Moving Dreams Closer to Home

Camella Manors’ communicities (community in a city) are manifestations of such a trend, where its mid-rise (seven to 15 storey) condo villages are seamlessly integrated to business, commercial, and leisure hubs. Thus, greener pastures are now closer to home through the future forward community that gives you not just a home, but also an easy access lifestyle.

Aldrtz rewards Hidilyn with one-year supply of Pau liniment

The Golden Girl of Philippine Sports has bagged yet another set of rewards following her victory in the 2021 Summer Olympics as Aldritz Corporation offered her a year's supply of Pau de Arco Liniment.

DNX Lifestyle | Confessions of a BTS fan

Back in 2009, my college friends were going crazy about acts like Big Bang and Super Junior. It was the height of KPop here in the Philippines during those times. I'm more like the old-school type; my preference lay in 90s music, rock, and hip-hop.

DNX Lifestyle | Trail 6100 ATV/UTV: Brotherhood of thrills, spills, and outdoor adventure

The trail was littered with rocks the size of fists, of potholes big enough to cause serious damage to the under-chassis of any car daring (or foolish) enough to run at high speed, of ditches that a wise rider on a dirt bike would best avoid (unless he doesn’t mind wearing a cast for the next few weeks). Low-hanging branches whip at my helmet as we swept past, and little kids waved at us while others took pictures like we were celebrities.

A Must Try Recipe