DNX Taliambong | AOG : Live, love, dance

Think of dainty ballerinas in bright tutus and sturdy ballet shoes interpreting steps from The Nutcracker with clock-like precision.  Or of curb-side dancers in loose baggy clothing and reverse baseball caps spinning on their heads, or arms kept tightly on the sides, legs flailing.  Or think Velma Kelly dancing up a storm along with the merry murdereresses in Chicago swearing that they did no wrong and the men probably had it coming, they had it coming, they had it coming all along.

DNX TALI-AMBONG | Daring and revolutionary: Negrense artists, officials fuse art and religion for first digital Siete Palabras

BACOLOD CITY, Negros Occidental, Philippines - Rudy Reveche, Ismael Java, and members of the Bagon cultural network have thought of something daring and revolutionary.

DNX Fashion | Jes Dakila : Threads of silk (and more)

Most girls growing up remember the time when they tried to dress up their Barbies (or, lacking that, any cheap Barbie knockoffs will do) with dainty little dresses, mini replicas of laces and velvets and boas, that wardrobe that crosses the line between seductress and girl-next-door.

Int’l humanitarian worker launches book on survival

A multi-awarded international humanitarian, she has seen up close strife and poverty – and herself has dealt with her own personal struggles – and survived. A death of a son, two kinds of cancer.

Cinema Rehiyon 2021 Offers Free Masterclasses

Cinema Rehiyon 2021 offers four free masterclasses from the industry experts on screenplay for women and LGBTQIA+ on March 6, documentary filmmaking and experimental cinema on March 13 and 20, respectively.

TALI-AMBONG | PERFORMANCE REVIEW | The Himamaylan Arts Month 2021 celebration: A smorgasbord for the senses, arts as equalizer

To fully understand the meaning behind the Arts Month celebration of Himamaylan City, one has to start at the end of the two-hour long performance.

DNX TALIAMBONG | Kuris Theatre International Festival and Workshops officially opens now

The Kuris International Theater Festival and Workshop officially opens today, 17 February and will run until 20 February.

DNX MUSIC | A climate crisis, a call for unity, a song

The Bacolod City Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is reiterating to the public, who are placed under contact tracing, to disclose all necessary information to the City’s Contact Tracing Team.

Filmmakers tell COVID-19 stories in ECQ

Sixteen filmmakers from Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao, and the National Capital Region have been rolling their sleeves and getting busy amid the – or despite of the -- lockdowns and quarantines as they chronicle their struggles and triumphs during the pandemic time in the way they know best - through film.

DNX Taliambong | Jadon Kilayko : From Breaking Bad to Isaw

Not art to liberate slaves, deliver an environmental message, or even as expression of self-contained fury.

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