The Pink Panda vs Green Grabber: A Desktop Review


Paola Elentores
Paola Elentores is an incoming Senior student of the BA Communication program of the University of St. La Salle. She currently writes features as intern and correspondent for DNX.

As the pandemic breaks into our lives, a lot of things are restricted from us — things that we normally do such as going to parties or malls, eating out with friends, playing sports, and a lot more.

Plus, it certainly also refrained us from going to our favorite cafes, restaurants, and other go-to fast-food chains.

However, with the existence of food delivery services, everything has been made much easier and convenient. In just one click, the food you’re craving will already be at your doorstep right away. Imagine how challenging and hard it will be if these kinds of services are not available?

According to Yahoo News, food delivery services have become one of the most significant creations or progress that existed in which the demand highly increased during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since everyone is in their homes under strict protocols, except for some workers especially these food riders, people switched in going online to buying food, clothes, home decorations, books — basically to almost everything. These people have identified two of their favorite and most-used food delivery applications: Foodpanda and Grab Food.

Food Panda arrived in the Philippines in June 2014 while GrabFood arrived 2 years later around November 2018 but unlike GrabFood, Food Panda is more committed to food delivery alone. These food delivery services have been recognized by the people in the Philippines to be the most popular food delivery service existing. These services helped a lot of people not only the customers but also people who seek a job amid the pandemic.

However, how different are these food delivery services from one another? And what could be the best option?

The following will be a comparison between the two services that were according to observation, informal interviews, and an online poll.

On an online survey, with a question “Which food delivery service is better?” 82% percent answered Food Panda and 12 percent answered Grab food. This shows that the people who have participated think Food Panda is a better option than Grab Food.

“Hapos gamiton ang foodpanda (app) kay kis-a ang grab hindi ko ma inchindihan, kabudlay” – from a University of St. La Salle student. He said that the Food Panda app is easier to use and understand compared to Grab Food.

According to a University student, Food Panda is easier to use than Grab Food. Since Grab Food is accessed through the Grab app that also has other Grab services, such as Grab Car, Hotel, Payments, Subscriptions, Tickets, and other kinds of deliveries, the user can not easily access Grab Food’s page.

The user still needs to find the Food icon to go into the specific section and order which can disrupt one’s experience, unlike Foodpanda’s homepage that is clean, straightforward, with placing orders easy because the app focuses only on delivering food.

Food Panda’s application has fewer distractions than Grab Food but both provide filters on parameters, food types, and the restaurant’s or cafe’s ratings to the users.

“Nami man ang Foodpanda sa delivery kay mas dasig pero kung sa Grab makita mo gid ang exact location ka driver sa mapa. Ang Foodpanda ya wala amo na, updates lang” – from an OFW Mother. She said that in terms of delivery, Foodpanda delivers faster but GrabFood has a map that shows the exact location of the driver.

These two applications have differences in accepting and tracking orders.

In Food Panda, the orders are accepted from the customer then will be automatically directed to the specified restaurant or cafe. The orders will be made and the Foodpanda drivers will simply pick up the order and deliver it. While in Grab Food, the food drivers do both: they book the order, waits for it, and then delivers it to the customer. Nonetheless, both application updates their customer’s real-time order status and estimated delivery time that changes at times based on situations.

In tracking orders, GrabFood has more advantages than Foodpanda since the application provides a map that shows the exact location of the driver while Foodpanda has none.

A graduate from Siliman University said in an interview that aside from Foodpanda having cheaper delivery charges, it also gives faster compensation or refund when the order that has been delivered is incorrect.

The delivery charge in Foodpanda is cheaper compared to GrabFood since it depends on the user’s location, it can give the lowest rate of P6 – P9 if the restaurant is nearby, while GrabFood has a standard rate of P59.

Although, both Food Panda and Grab Food allow their customers to give special or extra notes to the rider, in any instance, for specific instruction, a change for a bill, or even giving extra instructions for your exact location.

Food Panda gets credit for their fast response in accommodating complaints about incorrect orders and giving refunds immediately.

Despite several differences of each application both application also shares some common attributes, aside from giving updates to the customers or allowing additional instructions, in Availability and Payment Method.

When it comes to availability, both applications are available 24 hours for use. However, the customers shall take into consideration the availability of the restaurant since not all are open for 24 hours. Both applications though can process pre-orders if the restaurant is already closed, enabling to be delivered the next day.

For the Payment method, Food Panda and Grab Food offer multiple options. GrabFood and Food Panda users can pay through Cash on Delivery (COD), credit card, and debit card but for Food Panda, Paypal is also an additional payment option. While for GrabFood’s additional payment option can be through GrabPay, Grab’s own mobile wallet and payment method.

At the end of comparing and contrasting, it was a close fight between two food delivery services. It showed that from being a user-friendly app to being a quick responder to complaints, Food Panda is truly favored by the customers compared to Grab Food according to results of surveys taken from informal interviews, observations, and an online poll.

Nonetheless, both application did serve its purpose, has been beneficial and has provided most of the important attributes for a food delivery service.


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